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At Serenity Farm, our aim is to share our beautiful farm with teachers and students in the Triangle yoga and wellness community.  We host our own classes and events and also facilitate classes and events hosted by teachers and studio owners around the Triangle.  


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Events, Workshops, Retreats

November, 2020

Global Breath Studio- Yoga For A Cause - Healing Pines Respite

Transform fear into freedom during this vinyasa core based flow designed to build heat in the body's furnace; Manipura Chakra. Make space for change by opening the hidden energy that flows within by stimulating clarity, a sense of purpose, self-confidence, self- assurance and self-motivation.


All donations for this class will go to Healing Pines Respite, a non-profit that supports North Carolina women with cancer through programs for connection and healing:  Body Mind Spirit


November  7th, 2020

10:30a - 11:30a


NOTE:  You will be taken to Global Breath's website for registration

Post-Election Restorative Class


The antidote for the stress and certainty of 2020 which has been amplified with recent election.


70 minute candlelight class - Includes 20-minute Gentle Flow followed by Restorative Postures and Savasana - all designed to soothe the Sympathetic Nervous System (responsible for responding to stress)


Thursday November 12th, 2020


*Use 5-pk Class 

Yoga In Nature(tm) Mini-Retreat:

Finding Peace Within and In Nature


A fully integrated mind/body experience with more instruction on breath and tuning inward. Use of the asanas to get “unstuck” and move the energy through the body, as well as instruction on asanas that bring peace and surrender in a longer practice as well as if you only have 5 minutes in your schedule. Breathing exercise to find calmness. Use of the essential oils to enhance your practice and when and how to use them during your everyday routine. Journaling for freeing up space in your life; burning of paper (around fire pit) with word or list of what you wish to release (optional) at end of retreat. 


Saturday November 14th, 2020

9:30a - 12:30p 

NOTE:  You will be taken to Darlene's Facebook page for registration

Fall Mini Retreat:  The Earth Element

It is time to regroup.  Join us for an outdoor mini-retreat in the natural surroundings of our private, elegant farm.

Participate in journalling and intention setting to chart a course to ground you in the life you want. A slow flow yoga followed by a rejuvenating Yoga Nidra meditation. Leave the retreat feeling refreshed, calm, and clear. Enjoy some social-distanced community time enjoying tea and light snacks



 November 21st, 2020

10:00a - 12:30p


NOTE:  You will be taken to Renee's website for registration

Gratitude With A Twist (Yoga Class & Tea Party)

A yoga, meditation, gratitude-setting and tea-party brunch!


A morning of movement, meditation, grounding, tea, treats and love and GRATITUDE. 


60 minute grounding and twisty yoga  led by Christine, from Eternal Moon Yoga. This practice will purify your mind and body. 

A Gratitude Fire Ceremony to bring the focus on what we received (unexpectedly) in 2020.


November 22nd, 2020

9:30a - 12:00p


NOTE:  You will be taken to  Facebook Event Page for registration

Thanksgiving Morning Yoga

Thanksgiving Morning Yoga Class led by Sharon MacGregor
Gratitude flow, 75-minute practice. Rooted in the principle that GRATITUDE expands and heals us.


Thanksgiving morning 9:30a


Sign up NOW!  

Very limited number of spots!



Yoga For Athletes

Thanksgiving Weekend - special class focused on preventing injury and improving performance of teen and adult athletes and very active people


60-minute class designed to balance and stretch the body in a way that balances the intense, repetitive movements that leads to injury.  This is not for "people who are flexible", but for those with strong muscles, who would like to prevent injuries and relieve stiffness in vulnerable body parts of the body. | Led by Allison Willet


November 28th, 2020

2:00p - 3:00p


Holiday Full Moon Yin+Violin

Thanksgiving weekend special Yin+Violin class led by Sharon MacGregor and Allison Willet (yoga instructor and classical violinist).

  • Acknowledge with gratitude for what you received in 2020.
  • Let go of what no longer serves, and visualize what you want as you close out this year.  

Moon Salutation and Visualization Meditation (with Sharon), a

Yin class (with Allison), and end with a long savasana, serenaded by Allison's live violin music. 


We will have the option to "burn" what we are releasing in the fire. Hot chai-spiced cider and a treat by the fire.


November 29th, 2020

5:00p - 7:00p


Movement, Music & a Meal

Imagine yourself in an open meadow, surrounded by pine trees, moving through a sOul-Full yoga practice to live acoustic drumming by, 

Eugene Taylor, The Drum Prophet. 


This is followed by connection and conversation from our mats, a warm fire in the background, as Ayurvedic Chef, Amelia Irene of Lotus Lane Retreats, serves up her special blend of tea and treats, as she discusses the plant-based meal for two, we will take home.


Make this your reality.  .


December 5th, 2020



sOulgasm Life yOga+Brunch

Celebrate special moments and connect with special people, even with social-distancing. Create a memorable, elegant, one-of-a kind experience.  A yoga class and brunch fully immersed in natural surroundings. Our studio includes a lounge, private changing rooms, as well as alfresco dining on the terrace, or somewhere on our 5-acres of open meadow.

Now accepting bookings - parties of 4-5

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