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Practice  |  Nourish  |  Explore

It can be easy.

Knowing were to put your

attention and your energy.


Come re-visit your year, and how it aligns

with your goals.

Eating good food with new friends.

Relax. Restore. Renew.


This is a unique brunch experience designed to nourish body, mind and sOul.


October 20th, 2019

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 yOga + Gourmet Organic Food  + sOul-Focused Workshop


Our classic yOga + Brunch is a 4-hour,  mini-retreat held

on a 10-acre wooded horse farm on Falls Lake, Durham, NC. 

30-Minutes from both downtown Raleigh and downtown Durham.


This is about ease

Ease to show up (rural surroundings close to home).

Ease to relax (everything is provided for you).

Ease to enjoy (delicious, nutritious food and drinks).

Ease to reflect (workshop with simple steps to (re)connect).

Ease to "begin again" (return to your life feeling restored and renewed).


Take a break.  This is a gift for the sOul,

unplug and detach,


sOulgasm Life yOga+Brunch



Serenity Farm NC

13219 Boyce Mill Road, Durham, NC


9:30 AM to 1:30 PM

Sunday October 20th, 2019


"There are moments in life when everything comes together.  Life deals you a hand of cards and gives you a chance.  Such moments are as much the result of serendipity ...

as are of effort." - Caroline Righton


Sharon MacGregor


Owner Serenity Farm NC

Founder sOulgasm Life

After her divorce, she  realized that, for many years, she had been "running on empty" chasing goals and dreams that no longer brought her joy.  She had lost connection with herself and did not realize how far she had drifted from what truly made her happy.


She created sOulgasm Life yOga+Brunch  as a mini-retreat  so you can  check in, and prioritize where you put your focus and energy; and develop and maintain your connection to your goals, intentions and life vision as they evolve.


The retreat experience  allows you to withdraw from  regular life, pull in all the energy that’s usually fanned out and thinned out in multiple directions and focus it on what is important to you.  Without the usual distractions of life, it is easier to gain a new perspective, regroup, find inspiration and gain clarity, so you can take inspired action in support of the life you desire.


sOulgasm Life  yOga + Brunch includes:

  • a sOul-full yOga class (beginner friendly),
  • a delicious, nutritious (champagne) brunch 
  • The Big O Life workshop

​Each yOga+Brunch Workshop is different.


I share exercises I use with my coaching clients, workbooks and exercises I created  to help you go a little deeper and get a little clearer and become a little braver.

October - Living your Authentic Life (core values & life vision). The focus is on the importance of knowing and living in alignment with your personal core values and how it leads to fulfillment.

We Explore
✅How to Find Your Core Values
✅How to verify their priority
✅How to determine if you are living in alignment with yours
✅How to map your values to your Life Vision
✅How to weed out “should” values and replace them with ones that actually matter to you.

You leave inspired and more in love 🥰 with you💕 and more connected to your dreams.


This was so relaxing and motivating, and just the break I needed to recharge... yoga brunch is a great way to connect with my girlfriends, plus the food was absolutely delicious.




Katy P.

I loved the food and the ease of the flow of the program... it gave me  permission to be free and honest about how I feel and what I want. The workshop reminded me that I was already enough and to celebrate that fact... and that I deserve to be pampered and I do not have to be like everyone else.

Kelly B.

attended 3 Y+B events (one with her mom).

“I let Sharon know up front about my limitations and she immediately made accommodations so that I was able to participate at the level that was comfortable. Each time she felt that I would not be able to achieve a pose she suggested an alternative that would work for me. Although it was a group class I felt like I got 1:1 attention and it made it possible for me to get the benefits out of the class regardless of my injury. I have attended a yoga brunch before and enjoyed it very much as well, so will look forward to attending one in the near future in the new studio!”.

Tammy B.


EARLY BIRD PRICING until October 5th.  

Space is limited, grab your spot now.


Serenity Farm, Durham NC

(919) 624-3138

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